SHOWOFF And Being fake End of Originality 🙅

In todays modern world, we are more into just being fake and doing show off instead of being real, but why just to impress others or to make them feel down. Like, seriously but in reality you can not achieve anything if you are not showing your real side to others. For e.g Guys love to flaunt their bikes and cars among their friends and some girls they are nothing just a branded material. What can I say about being fake, there are lot of people that never shows their real side to others, like a boyfriend he becomes loyal in front of his girlfriend, a good mannered child in front of his parents and the stud in front of his friends ,single person with different personalities. Just be the real you because nobody can play your role better than you. You will get nothing just a few minutes of attention in the society but that’s not necessary at all , stop being fake and present yourself in the way you are it’s true that few people will not like you but atleast you are what exactly you are from inside and outside all same no fake personality, no showoff.

Always believe in your originality. God has made each one of us by giving different size, race and colour, just have faith in him and do good deeds instead of indulging yourself more into show off, Be real help poor and needy people and stay blessed .

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