Housewife❤ 👩

A lady who ignores all her pains and sorrows away to keep her family happy is none other than a housewife. She is the one who makes house a home❤ Sweet home. She is the one who is on duty for 365 days and never complains. But what men and her children think about her is that she stays at home and relaxes does nothing as she is free whole day just because she doesn’t have any routine work like other ladies that doesn’t mean that we should take her for granted .

Nobody can take care of you like a housewife does, all she craves for is love , care, your quality time and little respect that we fail to give. The entire family think she is born with a superpower that she can work all day long and does not need rest. She works hard so the family gets all they want in a stipulated time.

What is her mistake if she chooses her family over her career or job, she serves her family whole day ,make every possible ways just to make others happy , she totally ignores herself . Even she is a human being ,she also needs rest but she will never admit that, being a housewife is not an easy task. She is a multitalented person, she is the best cook, best doctor, best teacher, and just the best person anyone can get , so it’s our duty to atleast show some respect and give her love that she deserves ,❤ she is like a candle that burns itself to give light to others❤ So, always respect a housewife and make her feel special. 😇

18 thoughts on “Housewife❤ 👩”

  1. Very true and i promise myself that I’ll always cherish her and always respect her decision and her work for our family in my future 😁👍
    As always u write it very beautifully and truthfully 👍😀

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