๐Ÿ˜‡Get Modern by thoughts not just by clothes ๐Ÿ˜‡

Oh, look that girl wearing shorts and travelling in a metro such an attention seeker or a boy and girl sitting in a park and many of us think that they might be a couple Why? Why we take these kind of things in a negative way, you never know may be that boy and girl are just friends or that girl wearing shorts by her own wish, not every girl dressup to flaunt.

We proudly say that we are modern but it’s not like that, just changing your clothes from dhoti-kurtas to jeans and shirt doesn’t make you modern not at all. If you allow your boys for night out but not your girls then what’s your definition of being modern just the way you dressup does not make any sense. “Wearing good clothes makes your personality but a modern thought makes you smart”.

So, start changing your thoughts as time is changing be kind with those who are worth your kindness, stop pleasing everybody because it’s of no use and start being Bold.

Parents have to be more friendly with their children so that they don’t hide anything from them and their relationship will become more stonger.

One important thing being modern doesn’t mean that you will forget your culture, start being modern but never forget your culture.

Girls ,wearing short dresses and acting like bollywood actresses doesn’t make you modern, just refresh your thoughts, respect everyone and never misuse your rights and freedom. If we change our thoughts the society will also change and we all can make our country modern in terms of everthing.

I have seen lot of guys having good and pleasing personality by the way they dressup but once they start talking they talk shit and that’s of no use. Even one of my friend once told me that, “I will never allow my sister to do chatting with guys and to wear short dresses.” but here he is not wrong because he has seen this thing happened in his family from years so same thing he is doing but if he try he can bring the change and allow his sister to do everything that he is allowed to do so.

The choice is yours think wisely just saying that you are modern doesn’t make you modern. You have to be bold, realistic and be the change.

“Start being modern by your thoughts, and your deeds not just by your clothes “.

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