Luckier those who have a family, the word Family states, “Father and Mother I Love you” but how many of you do so ? You never forget to ask your so-called lovers or your friends whether they are fine or not but have to ever borthered to ask your Father is he tired of earning or doing hard-work for his family, or your mother who does every work or your siblings naah, you never ask them Why! because all it needs just true true and care that you are wasting on an outsider, the person who you might to knowing from 1-2 years or may be few months but that person means a lot to you for no reason, ❤no love is pure other than your family ❤, so start loving your parents who are very lucky to have them , just imagine the situation of orphan kids , why do you need a friend when you have siblings just build a relationship like tom and jerry with them. I love my family and everybody should love their family without respect amd eternal love no connection is there.

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