Living a life without problems, without any pain, without seeing the negative sides , without getting fail and even without meeting selfish people , you are not living a life it’s not possible to live a forever happy life likea fairytale. If you want to be happy you have to earn the happiness. Make your weakness your strength and boost your confidence never ever demotivate yourself from any mishappening, because God help those who help themselves. It is okay to accept your failure maybe God have some different plans for you, just learn from those failures in life.

What if, you keep on achieving each and everything whatever you want in life without any difficulties then that happiness might not be that much valuabe for you. Failure is must atleast once in your lifetime to show you the exact level of yours what you are doing with your life and how much efforts you need more than others. I know it’s very easy to tell students who fail in their exams that it’s okay , do more hardwork but you cannot bear the pain from which they go through by seeing their friends and known ones going ahead in their life. In life eveybody has their own destiny so stop comparing your life with others work for yourself and your family. Always remember in life, just grow through whatever you go through in life and don’t think you are useless or you cannot achieving anything in life just believe in yourself never lose the hope in you and instead of sitting idle and getting depressed just learn from your mistakes and make a great move in your life that will help you ahead. Choose the positive path in life only then you can handle the failure situation. Life always take your test it’s upto you either be depressed and sad or make a positive move and fight with those situations smartly. Nobody is perfect in everything but you can be perfect in something that you are interested or you love to do that thing, you can be a painter, a musician, a dancer, a singer , actor/actress, and so on just don’t be a part of crowd make your own identity , never copy others just forget what others are doing and keep focus on your own goals until you achieve them.

πŸ˜‡Never lose hope from failure just believe in yourself πŸ˜‡

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