Loneliness 🙍

Sometimes I wonder that it’s good not to get surrounded with anybody. Being alone and finding yourself is all you need when everything is falling apart. Even if you have so many friends but you still feel lonely then just maintain a distance from all of them and keep searching your ownself, the real you , for what purpose you are on this earth, keep finding your true colours. Never blame yourself whenever you have this feeling , always feel good for yourself atleast you have time to think for your inner soul not everybody has this feeling because they are so busy in pleasing others and they don’t get enough time for themselves. If you feel lonely it’s a positive sign that you can be strong enough to live alone you don’t need anyone to make you feel happy, you can enjoy your own company. All of you must learn from Mr.Bean the man who taught us how to be alone and enjoy our own company. “Weak people always wanted to get surrounded by so many people, only the stronger one stays alone and still enjoy”.

I know it’s easy to say that just be alone or be happy but whenever you see others enjoying with their friends or their partners then you wonder that Why you are alone is there anything wrong in you, definitely these harsh questions will crack in your mind but if you start taking things positively you will see that it all depends upon the timing of your life , just have patience wait for the best don’t rush things , enjoy your own company, spend time with nature and dogs then you will see how happier your life can become without anybody.

If you start living alone nobody could stop you from getting success ahead. Be strong enough to tackle all the difficulties in your life alone. So, whenever you feel lonely just sit back and think atleast once, that it’s the only time to challenge yourself and to prove who you are. 😇👌

33 thoughts on “Loneliness 🙍”

  1. आकर्षक, निश्चित ही आपने युवा समाज की उस व्यवस्था को लिखा जो आज हम अक्सर देखते हैं।
    निश्चित ही अकेला रहना भी साहसी व्यक्तित्व की पहचान है।

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