Here comes a day to remember our childhood on this Children’s Day.

Childhood, a time which is full of joy and happiness. I still wish to live my childhood once again but that’s not possible in this life , umm maybe in next life☺. The only thing which I do whenever I feel low and hopeless I start remembering my childhood days by seeing my old photographs, a kind of slideshow begins in my mind and I regain all my confidence and energy, this is the best thing to do in your tough time. Always remember a person who you were since your childhood. Don’t change yourself remain as an individual .

If you ever feel hopeless just look at the small kids playing around ,I am sure you will get positive vibes and a kind of happiness you get from the laughter of a small baby who knows nothing about the difficulties of life is totally amazing. I still remember when I was a child I wished when could I become adult to enjoy the freedom and I am damn sure most of us just think like that but now when we have become adult we have everything which we wanted since our childhood but the only thing that is missing is happiness and the stress free nature .

Today we don’t have time for our family, friends ,our loved ones and even we are soo busy in our hectic schedule that we don’t have time even for ourselves also which is wrong because of becoming too competitive and earning money we left our happiness somewhere that’s the reason we become over-thinker, negativity is always there in our mind ,we started hating everything and becoming a new personality which we were not at all since our childhood. So, guys stop taking stress just live your life ,your time will come too don’t rush things because everybody’s timings is just different. Atleast you enjoyed your childhood you had every possible things which you wanted you get from your loving parents but just look at the poor kids they have nothing still they have everything in the form of happiness just learn from them how to be happy no matter in what situation you are. Be thankful to God for everything that you have and live your life in a positive way that you will remember.🀩 “Don’t let the kid inside you die”.🀩

HAPPY Children’s Day to all of you.

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