• Friends, start being selfish otherwise you will hurt yourself only, in this world full of mean people, who just wants to use you whenever they need you. Be selfish instead of being a stupid person. It’s 2018 guys, all new opportunites are waiting for you, so it’s upto you either you can make this year useful or you can waste it just like you did previous year. Stop helping those people who never lends a helping hand to you whenever you need them, stop being soo nice to everyone, otherwise people will befool you. Just think once before helping anybody now a days because people only remember you when they are either in trouble or when they are getting bore, just stop being an entertainer for those creepy and mean people because they are not worth it, not at all. Be selfish for yourself , don’t worry about what others think of you, they can only judge you so just totally ignore them and do whatever you want to do. Don’t be a fool by being Mr.innocent because more you become innocent and helpful more people start making use of you or they start taking you for granted. So, be smart enough and be selfish just love yourself and your family. Don’t expect anything from anyone because expectations always hurts. Thinking about yourself, being mean and selfish for your own benefits but without hurting the sentiments of other people is quite good, just love yourself first, always listen to your inner soul and you one day fine you will achieve whatever you wanted to achieve in your life , only you have to start judging people and don’t be soo nice so they can use you as per their own wish always take stand for you and Be a selfish person but in a good manner 😇

Just chill and Trust Yourself👌

Friends, just relax you will get everything that you want in your life. So, why to ruin your present for overthinking about your future that is totally unpredictable. “Overthinking” it kills your happiness , as young people take tension about their studies, adult about their career or job and old ones also take tension about their health, I am not saying that you should stop being conscious about youself but atleast don’t forget to smile, keep smiling even in your worse days, its the only medicine to cure all your sorrows. Guys, first trust yourself only then you can trust anyone else, if you don’t trust yourself you are not going to achieve anything in your life. Everything will come to you on time, you will get a job, you will find your soulmate, you will achieve your goal, all you have to do is to just build a trust on yourself and stop overthinking because life is too short to be worried. It’s new year now you have new opportunities, new beginnings just have faith in God and keep doing good deeds. Atlast, all I want to say is that keep smiling, help other people make good friends, love your family, friends and ignore your enemies. Just keep in your mind to TRUST yourself, never UNDERVALUE yourself and just be HONEST to yourself. Just have fun with life .


😇Be an encourager😇

In the world of criticizers,“always try to be an encourager”. Friends, the power to encourage anybody is a blessing that can change somebody’s life forever. Always try to motivate others instead of making fun of them or demotivating them. If you can’t help anybody then you have no right to discourage them. We are free to do whatever we want to do in our lives without any boundations. It’s quite easy to poke a person who is trying to do something unique or just different but you should think once, atleast that person is trying he/she is not like you sitting idle and just doing gossips about what others are doing. Why we are so much interested in what others are doing instead of just living our own life? So just stop getting involved in things where your presence is not at all necessary. Always be an encourager so that people will love you.

Only your words are enough to either encourage anybody or to discourage them by getting jealous, yes it’s the jealously that you have for somebody who is what you can not be. Stop getting jealous and do good deeds so that in this world that is full of cruel and selfish people be in the list of those who always encourage others and motivate them and always feel good to see others getting successful, only those kind of people are less but if you find anyone like them never let them go away from you.💟