Here comes a day to remember our childhood on this Children’s Day.

Childhood, a time which is full of joy and happiness. I still wish to live my childhood once again but that’s not possible in this life , umm maybe in next life☺. The only thing which I do whenever I feel low and hopeless I start remembering my childhood days by seeing my old photographs, a kind of slideshow begins in my mind and I regain all my confidence and energy, this is the best thing to do in your tough time. Always remember a person who you were since your childhood. Don’t change yourself remain as an individual .

If you ever feel hopeless just look at the small kids playing around ,I am sure you will get positive vibes and a kind of happiness you get from the laughter of a small baby who knows nothing about the difficulties of life is totally amazing. I still remember when I was a child I wished when could I become adult to enjoy the freedom and I am damn sure most of us just think like that but now when we have become adult we have everything which we wanted since our childhood but the only thing that is missing is happiness and the stress free nature .

Today we don’t have time for our family, friends ,our loved ones and even we are soo busy in our hectic schedule that we don’t have time even for ourselves also which is wrong because of becoming too competitive and earning money we left our happiness somewhere that’s the reason we become over-thinker, negativity is always there in our mind ,we started hating everything and becoming a new personality which we were not at all since our childhood. So, guys stop taking stress just live your life ,your time will come too don’t rush things because everybody’s timings is just different. Atleast you enjoyed your childhood you had every possible things which you wanted you get from your loving parents but just look at the poor kids they have nothing still they have everything in the form of happiness just learn from them how to be happy no matter in what situation you are. Be thankful to God for everything that you have and live your life in a positive way that you will remember.🤩 “Don’t let the kid inside you die”.🤩

HAPPY Children’s Day to all of you.


Loneliness 🙍

Sometimes I wonder that it’s good not to get surrounded with anybody. Being alone and finding yourself is all you need when everything is falling apart. Even if you have so many friends but you still feel lonely then just maintain a distance from all of them and keep searching your ownself, the real you , for what purpose you are on this earth, keep finding your true colours. Never blame yourself whenever you have this feeling , always feel good for yourself atleast you have time to think for your inner soul not everybody has this feeling because they are so busy in pleasing others and they don’t get enough time for themselves. If you feel lonely it’s a positive sign that you can be strong enough to live alone you don’t need anyone to make you feel happy, you can enjoy your own company. All of you must learn from Mr.Bean the man who taught us how to be alone and enjoy our own company. “Weak people always wanted to get surrounded by so many people, only the stronger one stays alone and still enjoy”.

I know it’s easy to say that just be alone or be happy but whenever you see others enjoying with their friends or their partners then you wonder that Why you are alone is there anything wrong in you, definitely these harsh questions will crack in your mind but if you start taking things positively you will see that it all depends upon the timing of your life , just have patience wait for the best don’t rush things , enjoy your own company, spend time with nature and dogs then you will see how happier your life can become without anybody.

If you start living alone nobody could stop you from getting success ahead. Be strong enough to tackle all the difficulties in your life alone. So, whenever you feel lonely just sit back and think atleast once, that it’s the only time to challenge yourself and to prove who you are. 😇👌



Luckier those who have a family, the word Family states, “Father and Mother I Love you” but how many of you do so ? You never forget to ask your so-called lovers or your friends whether they are fine or not but have to ever borthered to ask your Father is he tired of earning or doing hard-work for his family, or your mother who does every work or your siblings naah, you never ask them Why! because all it needs just true true and care that you are wasting on an outsider, the person who you might to knowing from 1-2 years or may be few months but that person means a lot to you for no reason, ❤no love is pure other than your family ❤, so start loving your parents who are very lucky to have them , just imagine the situation of orphan kids , why do you need a friend when you have siblings just build a relationship like tom and jerry with them. I love my family and everybody should love their family without respect amd eternal love no connection is there.



Living a life without problems, without any pain, without seeing the negative sides , without getting fail and even without meeting selfish people , you are not living a life it’s not possible to live a forever happy life likea fairytale. If you want to be happy you have to earn the happiness. Make your weakness your strength and boost your confidence never ever demotivate yourself from any mishappening, because God help those who help themselves. It is okay to accept your failure maybe God have some different plans for you, just learn from those failures in life.

What if, you keep on achieving each and everything whatever you want in life without any difficulties then that happiness might not be that much valuabe for you. Failure is must atleast once in your lifetime to show you the exact level of yours what you are doing with your life and how much efforts you need more than others. I know it’s very easy to tell students who fail in their exams that it’s okay , do more hardwork but you cannot bear the pain from which they go through by seeing their friends and known ones going ahead in their life. In life eveybody has their own destiny so stop comparing your life with others work for yourself and your family. Always remember in life, just grow through whatever you go through in life and don’t think you are useless or you cannot achieving anything in life just believe in yourself never lose the hope in you and instead of sitting idle and getting depressed just learn from your mistakes and make a great move in your life that will help you ahead. Choose the positive path in life only then you can handle the failure situation. Life always take your test it’s upto you either be depressed and sad or make a positive move and fight with those situations smartly. Nobody is perfect in everything but you can be perfect in something that you are interested or you love to do that thing, you can be a painter, a musician, a dancer, a singer , actor/actress, and so on just don’t be a part of crowd make your own identity , never copy others just forget what others are doing and keep focus on your own goals until you achieve them.

😇Never lose hope from failure just believe in yourself 😇


😇Get Modern by thoughts not just by clothes 😇

Oh, look that girl wearing shorts and travelling in a metro such an attention seeker or a boy and girl sitting in a park and many of us think that they might be a couple Why? Why we take these kind of things in a negative way, you never know may be that boy and girl are just friends or that girl wearing shorts by her own wish, not every girl dressup to flaunt.

We proudly say that we are modern but it’s not like that, just changing your clothes from dhoti-kurtas to jeans and shirt doesn’t make you modern not at all. If you allow your boys for night out but not your girls then what’s your definition of being modern just the way you dressup does not make any sense. “Wearing good clothes makes your personality but a modern thought makes you smart”.

So, start changing your thoughts as time is changing be kind with those who are worth your kindness, stop pleasing everybody because it’s of no use and start being Bold.

Parents have to be more friendly with their children so that they don’t hide anything from them and their relationship will become more stonger.

One important thing being modern doesn’t mean that you will forget your culture, start being modern but never forget your culture.

Girls ,wearing short dresses and acting like bollywood actresses doesn’t make you modern, just refresh your thoughts, respect everyone and never misuse your rights and freedom. If we change our thoughts the society will also change and we all can make our country modern in terms of everthing.

I have seen lot of guys having good and pleasing personality by the way they dressup but once they start talking they talk shit and that’s of no use. Even one of my friend once told me that, “I will never allow my sister to do chatting with guys and to wear short dresses.” but here he is not wrong because he has seen this thing happened in his family from years so same thing he is doing but if he try he can bring the change and allow his sister to do everything that he is allowed to do so.

The choice is yours think wisely just saying that you are modern doesn’t make you modern. You have to be bold, realistic and be the change.

“Start being modern by your thoughts, and your deeds not just by your clothes “.


Housewife❤ 👩

A lady who ignores all her pains and sorrows away to keep her family happy is none other than a housewife. She is the one who makes house a home❤ Sweet home. She is the one who is on duty for 365 days and never complains. But what men and her children think about her is that she stays at home and relaxes does nothing as she is free whole day just because she doesn’t have any routine work like other ladies that doesn’t mean that we should take her for granted .

Nobody can take care of you like a housewife does, all she craves for is love , care, your quality time and little respect that we fail to give. The entire family think she is born with a superpower that she can work all day long and does not need rest. She works hard so the family gets all they want in a stipulated time.

What is her mistake if she chooses her family over her career or job, she serves her family whole day ,make every possible ways just to make others happy , she totally ignores herself . Even she is a human being ,she also needs rest but she will never admit that, being a housewife is not an easy task. She is a multitalented person, she is the best cook, best doctor, best teacher, and just the best person anyone can get , so it’s our duty to atleast show some respect and give her love that she deserves ,❤ she is like a candle that burns itself to give light to others❤ So, always respect a housewife and make her feel special. 😇


SHOWOFF And Being fake End of Originality 🙅

In todays modern world, we are more into just being fake and doing show off instead of being real, but why just to impress others or to make them feel down. Like, seriously but in reality you can not achieve anything if you are not showing your real side to others. For e.g Guys love to flaunt their bikes and cars among their friends and some girls they are nothing just a branded material. What can I say about being fake, there are lot of people that never shows their real side to others, like a boyfriend he becomes loyal in front of his girlfriend, a good mannered child in front of his parents and the stud in front of his friends ,single person with different personalities. Just be the real you because nobody can play your role better than you. You will get nothing just a few minutes of attention in the society but that’s not necessary at all , stop being fake and present yourself in the way you are it’s true that few people will not like you but atleast you are what exactly you are from inside and outside all same no fake personality, no showoff.

Always believe in your originality. God has made each one of us by giving different size, race and colour, just have faith in him and do good deeds instead of indulging yourself more into show off, Be real help poor and needy people and stay blessed .